Pakistan Mentally Torchered Abhinandan

After daylong wait, IAF Abhinandan returned home from Pakistan.

WAHAG/ATTARI :- After a suspenseful wait lasting hour, Indian Air Force pilot Abhinandan finally returned home from Pakistan on 1st march 2019.
A major step towards defusing for near war situations triggered by Indian retaliation over Pakistan countined support for terrorism.
Hopping give a hero's wing commander Abhinandan thousands of Indians gathered on wahag border.
He finally emerged at around 9:15 PM Indian time at Attari Wahag check post on the Pakistani side, accomplished Pakistani renters,the indian Air Force attache posted in the high commission Islamabad. He was wearing a civilian cloth and proudly towards the gates that seperated his captors country from homeland.

Wing commander Abhinandan just been handed to us. He will be taken now detail of medical check up.

Addressing a public rally in tamil Nadu PM Narender Modi said every indian is proud of our brave soldiers pilot Abhinandan.

Sources revealed that IAF wing commander Abhinandan was locked up in solitary cell, without TV, redio,  telephone or news paper immediately. He also had no knowledge about imran's decision to realise him. When he was forced to record a statement prepared by his captors praising the Pakistani army. 


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