Modi Vs Rahul Gandhi

Now a days hot news who will win 2019election. Modi Government  Vs

We all now Modi Government achievement
Such as
Sath Hai Vishwa Hai Ho Reha Vikas Hai
1.India going to Digital
2.Decisive & Bold Government
3.Empowering Nari Shakti For women led       Development
4.Honest & Incorruptible Government
Bold Government Billions Aspirations
5. Visionary Government secure India's future
6. Atal pension Yojna
7. Straighthened economy
8.Improved international relations
9.Change attitude on critical issues
10.Increased internal securities
11.Making India & Digital India
12.A government with clean image.
13. Swachha Bharat
14.Special focus in rural India
15. Niti ayayog
16. Tough sentence on critical issues.

Sabka Sath Sab Ka Vikas

We ask this question to you who will win in election 2019

Just type who will win Modi Or Rahul Gandhi in comment sections.

Your Vote important to us.

Modi is thinking digital India.

This is Rahul thinking

Congress Party real face, they want vote for any cost. 


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